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Audience Results - Digital Media


The following tables report digital media usage for all projects reporting in the 2017-2018 fiscal year. 

The metrics identified in this report are as follows: total visits, total unique visitors, within each language and content type. The reporting period uses combined data from comScore (1 April 2017 - 12 October 2017) & Adobe Analytics (13 October – 31 March 2018). The migration to the new Adobe dataset was necessitated by Adobe’s acquisition of comScore Digital Analytix business in 2016. 

The majority (79%) of production stream projects have either had their tags successfully implemented or have been deemed to have reached the natural end of their life cycle. This analysis was completed as part of the transition from comScore to Adobe tagging.   



English-language projects collected the highest number of overall visits at 15M. In terms of content types, Rich Interactive Media projects representing 60% of English projects tagged had the highest number of session visits at 11M in total. This content type grew by 10% over the previous year (after adjustments to reflect more stringent tagging standards), primarily due to an increased number of tagged projects with the new Adobe protocol.

French-language content types earned the second highest number of overall visits at 7M. With 73% of the visits to French-language projects, Rich Interactive Media projects overall continue to accumulate the most visits.  French language Rich Interactive Media – Non Inclusive projects saw the largest growth in views (almost three times higher than last year) due to an increase in tagged projects.

Content Types in the diverse languages earned the third highest number of overall visits at over 104,000. Within the content types measured in diverse languages, visits to videos were the highest with 52K.  80% (41K) of the visits to video was derived from the Mandarin-language project Big Shorts.

Content types in Aboriginal languages recorded 80K visits overall. Combined, Rich Interactive Media content types did best in this language category with 34K session visits followed by games at 25K.

NB: Rich Interactive Media (Inclusive): Multimedia content that combines story telling with visual technologies where user participation and interactivity are successfully met through a fully rich immersive experience. Inclusive experiences usually begin on a single linear path, using levels to advance to a predetermined destination or goal.

Rich Interactive Media (Non-Inclusive): Multimedia content that combines visual technologies however, is not structured to tell a complete story. Non-inclusive experiences require user participation and interactivity that is non-linear. The experience may also be segmented into unrelated, multiple content types (CMF-eligible).



Convergent Projects
1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018
CMF Research (Combined ComScore & Adobe)

Language/Content Visits Unique Visitors
Aboriginal 79,875 64,159
Game 25,227 17,342
RIM Inclusive 19,134 16,376
RIM Non-Inclusive 33,611 28,826
Social Media 1,594 1,352
Video 309 263
English 14,973,038 12,576,818
Game 3,448,285 2,740,258
RIM Inclusive 6,656,275 6,133,414
RIM Non-Inclusive 4,273,066 3,223,483
Social Media 86 82
Video 560,986 448,085
Web Series 20,051 18,865
eBook 14,289 12,631
French 7,002,252 5,311,797
Game 580,945 429,798
RIM Inclusive 1,916,291 1,469,303
RIM Non-Inclusive 4,247,069 3,183,913
Social Media 542 517
Video 254,423 225,736
Web Series 2,982 2,530
Diverse 104,390 90,889
Game 22,770 19,617
RIM Inclusive 10,387 8,800
RIM Non-Inclusive 19,306 17,895
Video 51,927 44,577
Grand Total 22,159,555 18,043,663



English-language content types tallied visits at approximately 410K. Within the content types measured, visits to Games were the highest with 322K, and 268K of the visits to games were derived from the project Splash Pop.

French experimental rich interactive media projects garnered visits at 531K. The Rich Interactive – Inclusive project Mon Ami Bulle delivered 493K of the overall visits within this content type.

Bilingual projects in the experimental stream recorded around 870K visits. Overall, games and rich interactive media content saw the most activity with 386K and 466K visits respectively. 


Experimental Projects
1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018
CMF Research (Combined ComScore & Adobe)

Language/Content Visits Unique Visitors
English 409,501 317,287
Game 322,497 252,281
RIM Inclusive 53,792 35,186
RIM Non-Inclusive 32,360 29,384
Social Media 45 35
Software 738 356
Web Series 69 45
French 530,621 510,966
Game 238 222
RIM Inclusive 494,950 484,522
RIM Non-Inclusive 9,443 7,076
Web Series 25,990 19,146
Bilingual 869,803 592,545
Game 385,902 179,777
RIM Inclusive 465,970 396,625
Social Media 6,543 6,040
Software 10,897 9,878
eBook 491 225
Grand Total 1,809,925 1,420,798



NB: Visit totals between the Total Usage and Geographic Region reports do not necessarily match as single sessions over multiple language / content types will be counted as multiple visits for the Total Usage report, whereas these same visits are deduped in the Geographic Region report.



Convergent Stream Projects
1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018
CMF Research (Combined ComScore & Adobe)
Rich & Substantial Production Projects Only

Country Visits Unique Visitors
Canada 14,478,090 9,628,220
United States 2,815,184 2,126,943
Rest of the world 4,712,283 3,250,990

Experimental Projects
1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018
CMF Research (Combined ComScore & Adobe)
Rich & Substantial Production Projects Only

Country Visits Unique Visitors
Canada 736,075 552,010
United States 836,470 187,778
Rest of the world 1,567,235 562,273


Digital Media Users by Region

As Convergent projects are commissioned by Canadian broadcasters, it is not surprising that Canadian users dominate with 66% of the visits to convergent projects, while the rest were split between the USA and Rest of the World. 

Experimental stream projects, on the other hand, had a significant global reach as half of all visits originated from the rest of world and 27% originated from the United States. Visits form Canada, grew by 10 percentage points from the previous year to 23% and stayed consistently so throughout the 2017-2018 fiscal year. 

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