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Industry Consultation

Principles and Objectives of the CMF’s Consultation Policy

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) consultation policy is based on the principle that the industry consultation process should be meaningful, formal, ongoing and inclusive. The underlying values of the policy include transparency, cooperation, communication, balance and results.

The consultation process includes five objectives:

  • Gaining high-level stakeholder input into CMF planning and program development and design 
  • Being informed of emerging stakeholder issues and priorities 
  • Making fully informed policy decisions 
  • Maintaining two-way communication between the CMF and its stakeholders 
  • Allowing stakeholders to be part of, and understand, the CMF's policy making process

In 2017-2018, the consultation process comprised the following elements: 

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Individual meetings

CMF representatives met individually with a wide range of stakeholder groups who had specific issues to raise with the CMF regarding different aspects of the CMF programs (e.g. export, development, experimental, children and youth programming, Anglophone and Francophone minority communities, regional). 

CMF also hold its Digital Media Measurement Advisory Committee to provide an update on the tagging process and the reporting issues. The DMAC also discussed the development of benchmarks to track successes.

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Industry leaders Round Table

The CMF initiated a round table meeting with top industry leaders that do not attend the regular consultation open forum meetings. This provided an opportunity for a candid discussion and frank exchange. This meeting was to consider current obstacles in the system to future growth, discuss strategic ideas and a future vision for the industry.

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Online Consultation

The CMF website’s consultation page allows stakeholders to access all consultation information and documents. 

Stakeholders’ active and valuable participation throughout all phases of the consultation process demonstrates the industry’s interest in taking part in the evolution of the CMF’s policies and programs.

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